As an attorney in Richmond, Virginia I have 30 years of attorney experience, Including Insurance Defense And PERSONAL INJURY LAW.
Because of years of experience on both sides of a case, the Paullin Law Team KNOWS HOW to protect OUR CLIENTS’ rights AND FIGHT FOR the compensation they deserve!

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As an attorney in Richmond Va, Mark Paullin of the Paullin Law Firm, P.C. practices in Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Diminished Value, Estate Planning, Business Law and other areas of practice. Read about our experience and areas of practice, the Paullin Law Firm can help you get the best possible outcome for you case.

Meet Attorney Mark Paullin

Richmond Personal Injury Attorney Mark Paullin and his team bring clients years of experience, with a mission to serve clients in Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico and surrounding counties.

Case Results

We care about every one of our clients and we are about results.  Here are some of the results that we have gotten for our clients in Personal Injury, Diminished Value, and other areas of practice. Each case is unique, don’t hesitate to contact us at 804-423-7423.

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The approximate of amount of hours that we have worked for our clients.

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One cup of coffee a day X the number of days we have put in for our clients.  Yep, that’s a ton of coffee.

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The legal issues that we have helped our clients with at Paullin Law. We are proud of our experience.

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Thousands of satisfied clients.

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