Avoid Being Stopped by Police

09 Sep Avoid Being Stopped by Police

Do not provide the police with a reason to stop your vehicle

Avoid being stopped by the police who may identify additional more serious charges

Police look for reasons to stop automobiles. Minor traffic infractions; expired license tags; loud music; brake or license plate lights; objects dangling from a rear view mirror; failure to signal when changing lanes; speeding and many other reasons give the police a lawful reason to stop the driver who may receive a traffic ticket.

A lawful stop may allow the officer to direct the driver and passenger to get out of the vehicle. Odors of marijuana in the vehicle; suspicious activities by the occupants; sudden movements by occupants of the vehicle raising the officer’s concern for his safety often result in a search of the vehicle and the occupants. No one enjoys having their vehicle stopped. Lawyers are hired on many serious cases, such as DUI (also known as DWI or driving under the influence) that began with a driver failing to realize a minor infraction or equipment violation draw attention from the police.

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Avoid Being Stopped by Police
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