Paullin Law Firm recovers $60,000 for bicycle rider hit by unknown car!!

07 Jan Paullin Law Firm recovers $60,000 for bicycle rider hit by unknown car!!

Mark Paullin, Virginia personal injury lawyer, stepped in where Roanoke lawyers feared to tread – into the Uninsured Motorists coverage of the bicycle rider client’s own automobile policy and recovered $60,000 from the insurance company– fighting in both state and federal courts on behalf of the injured client.

The cyclist, who is a very serious cyclist, was travelling on the far right of a residential road when someone yelled at him then either hit him with the car/truck, or someone in the car/truck struck the cyclist. The cyclist suffered a broken nose, ribs, vertebra and a mild traumatic brain injury. He missed eight months of work. For the first few months, he could not recall any details of the collision. However, after returning to work and his pre-collision routines, he did recall hearing a car/truck and seeing the silver of a wheel, mirror, or bumper driving away from him.

His medical bills totaled close to $22,000 and his lost wages were almost $44,000. Paullin Law Firm sued John Doe in state court, seeking the $100,000 limits. The insurance company denied that he could prove that he was hit by a vehicle. The insurance company also sued the cyclist in federal court, seeking a declaration that he failed to give notice to the insurance company.

Paullin Law Firm fought for the cyclist in both cases, and got the insurance company to settle for $60,000, after depositions in the state case, without the need for a trial in either the state or federal case. Paullin Law Firm is proud to have fought the insurance company in state and federal court in order to get a good and fair recovery for its injured client.

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