Reckless Driving

The Virginia Code specifies that a driver traveling in excess of 80 mph or greater ― or traveling 20 mph or more over the posted speed limit ― will automatically receive a ticket for reckless driving. Penalties for reckless driving tend to be significantly higher than those for standard speeding tickets. In Virginia, reckless driving is considered a class 1 misdemeanor, with fines starting at $250 (up to $2,500.00), and possible jail time (up to 12 months). A reckless driving conviction will also result in six points on your driver’s license, and remain on your record for eleven years. Remember to stay safe and obey the law while driving on Virginia’s highways. If you are facing charges for speeding or reckless driving, contact The Paullin Law Firm at (804) 423-7423 or contact Attorney Mark Paullin at:  to get an experienced, aggressive attorney on your side.