15 Tips for Driving Safely This Winter

23 Jan 15 Tips for Driving Safely This Winter


Winter driving comes with a special set of challenges. Inclement weather conditions, record numbers of travelers, and drivers with too much on their minds can make for a risky combination during the winter months. If you’re heading out into the holiday or new-year rush, the Paullin Law Firm recommends following these tips to stay safe on the roads.


Perform a winter vehicle maintenance check:

  • Are your tires properly inflated?
  • Are your windshield wipers effective (not leaving streaks on your window)?
  • Are your headlights clean, cleared of any snow and built-up grime?

Keep your gas tank at least half-full to avoid a gas line freeze-up or roadside breakdown.

Stay focused on the road:

  • Avoid driving while you’re fatigued.
  • Resist the urge to multitask. Your shopping list, phone calls, and especially any text messages can wait.
  • Don’t try to take off your coat while driving!

And, of course, always wear your seat belt.


Do not use cruise control when driving on any slippery surface, including snowy, icy, or even rainy pavement.

Drive slowly. Everything takes longer on snow-covered roads: accelerating, braking, stopping, turning. Allow your tires to maintain traction by driving slowly and avoiding sudden movements.

On normal, dry pavement, the recommended safe following distance is 3-4 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. In cold or snowy weather, this margin of safety should be increased to 8-10 seconds to account for slower braking and stopping.

In snow or ice, be cautious on hills. Don’t stop while driving up a hill if you can avoid it, as your vehicle may get stuck or skid. Proceed down hills slowly so you don’t accelerate to an unsafe speed and lose control.

Don’t tempt fate. Even if you can drive well in the snow, not everyone else can. If you don’t have somewhere you need to be, enjoy the snow from home.

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Sources: AAA | SafeWinterRoads | Wikimedia Commons


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