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“ The best offense is knowing your defense, 30 years of litigation experience from both sides of the personal injury case and traffic and criminal case”

 “Millions of dollars won in settlements and judgments for clients”

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    Q. Do I really need to contact a lawyer?

    A. It really depends.  Every situation is different.  We are here to help you determine if retaining legal counsel is in your best interest.  Email us in our contact form, or call us.



    Q. What type of personal injury experience does The Paullin Law Firm have?


    Other Areas Of Practice

    Libel and Slander

    According to Virginia law, both libel and slander are forms of defamation. Defamation is the act of one or more parties making a false claim that can or has already caused apparent injury to another party. Most defamation cases deal with injury to the reputation of the person or entity on the receiving end of the false claim.

    Mark S. Paullin has sought and won compensation for plaintiff clients who have been affected by Defamation and Libel. See the blog for the Paullin Law Firm and view some articles about a successful Libel suit.

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