Underage Possession of Alcohol

Many young adults have the mindset that it’s okay to try anything once, and many students think that underage drinking is not a big deal. In reality, underage possession of alcohol can be a serious charge, and if it is not addressed properly in court, it can have a permanent impact on a young adult’s life.

If you are younger than 21 and were caught in underage possession of alcohol, it’s important to contact an experienced Richmond criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. When you contact the Paullin Law Firm firm, our experienced attorneys can fight aggressively on your behalf and help keep one mistake from impacting the rest of your life.

We represent young adults throughout Virginia, including high school students and students at the following colleges and universities:

  • University of Richmond
  • Virginia Commonwealth
  • William & Mary
  • Virginia State
  • John Tyler Community College
  • J Sergeant Reynolds Community College

Contact An Experienced Richmond Underage Possession of Alcohol and Drinking Defense Attorney

In some parts of the world, drinking before you’re 21 is not a big deal. That’s not the case in Virginia. However, working with an experienced lawyer can help see that you do not walk away with a criminal record. In many situations, I’m able to negotiate for my clients to complete community service in exchange for having the charges dropped. That’s rarely an outcome most people can obtain without counsel from attorneys.

Don’t let one mistake follow you for years. Learn more about the counsel I can provide by scheduling your free 20-minute consultation. We can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 804-464-3765.

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