Congratulations to Attorney Mark Paullin for “Best Answer” on AVVO

08 Feb Congratulations to Attorney Mark Paullin for “Best Answer” on AVVO

Another “Best Answer” was awarded to Attorney Mark Paullin on the Legal information site  This is nothing new for this experienced lawyer, in fact, he has been awarded 64 “Best Answer” recognitions from people who ask legal questions on the AVVO site.

Attorney Mark Paullin has over 30 years of experience in litigation, which enables him to be spot on in answering many legal questions!  Attorney Mark Paullin has been a civil litigator in Virginia and Washington, DC since 1987.  With early experience in construction litigation, experience as an Assistant Attorney General, as well as years as an insurance defense lawyer, combined with years as a courtroom tactician in criminal defense, and Personal Injury Law, Attorney Mark Paullin can quickly answer AVVO user’s questions drawing from all of these years of experience!  These answers can be found on the AVVO site Here.

For experienced and excellent representation in a Personal Injury case, DUI or Traffic Case, Wills/Estates, or Civil Litigation matter for a small business, do not hesitate to call Richmond Attorney Mark Paullin at 804-423-7423.

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