Magazine Published Apology to Joe Morrissey

10 Oct Magazine Published Apology to Joe Morrissey

Following the settlement of the $10.35 million lawsuit won by the Paullin Law Firm on behalf of their client, Del. Joseph Morrissey, D-Henrico, Style Magazine published apology, a full apology. The apology came after Style ran an article in 2008 entitled “Bunco Joe” that inaccurately stated Morrissey had told creditors that he “had no assets”.

Morrissey had originally asked for an apology prior to filing suit and requested that Style Magazine pay $100,000 to a charitable organization of his choice. When he did not receive any retribution, Morrissey was advised to file suit by Mark Paullin of Paullin Law Firm for defamation of character.

In the apology that ran on April 22, 2010, Style wrote that they retracted the story, that is was inaccurate and they printed a unreserved and unconditional public apology. Mr Morrissey also graciously accepted an apology the magazine made in person.

The apology was part of a settlement between Style’s parent company and Morrissey.

Magazine Published Apology to Joe Morrissey
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