Air Fresheners on Rear View Mirror lead to Drug Conviction!!

23 Nov Air Fresheners on Rear View Mirror lead to Drug Conviction!!

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In a recent case the Virginia Court of Appeals upheld the stop of a car for the sole reason that is had several air fresheners dangling from its rear view mirror. A statute makes it unlawful to have anything suspended from any part if the vehicle, that “obstruct the driver’s clear view of the highway through the windshield, the front side windows, or the rear window.” When the policeman saw objects hanging from the rearview mirror of the suspect that obstructed his clear view of the highway, that, and that alone, was probable cause to stop the driver! Because the driver possessed illegal drugs, they were found in a search of the car.

What this means to you and anyone that you know, is that even if you do nothing else wrong, you can be stopped anywhere in Virginia if you have air fresheners, parking passes, graduation tassels, or anything else hanging from your rear view mirror. With the holiday season upon us, no one wants to be stopped and questioned by law enforcement just because you have an air freshener hanging from your mirror. If you want to read the case, look up FREEMAN v. VIRGINIA, (Record No. 2302-14-4 11/17/2015). If you are involved in a traffic stop and want to discuss it, please contact Paullin Law Firm at (804) 423-7423 or visit Paullin Law Firm at

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