Are You Entitled to Statements You Gave to Insurers?

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Are You Entitled to Statements You Gave to Insurers?

One person died in this three-car crash. (KATU News photo)

If you have been the victim of an automobile accident, it is likely that a representative of an insurance company, either yours or that of another driver, has contacted you for a written or recorded statement. Insurance companies like to claim this is for your benefit so they can “investigate and determine” liability. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and in actuality the insurance adjusters are just doing their job, namely trying to minimize the amount of your rightful recovery.

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If you have given such a statement, be it written or oral, do not fear, all is not lost. An experienced attorney can still fight to get you the recovery you deserve in Virginia. Virginia Code §8.01-417(A) requires that any person who takes a written statement or audio recording of someone who has sustained personal injuries must, upon request and within 30 days, provide a copy of any written statement or a verified typed transcription of any audio recording.

If you are in this situation, where representatives of an insurance company are trying to take advantage of your stressed and injured condition to minimize your rightful recovery, then contact the experienced attorneys at the Paullin Law Firm at 804-423-7423 to make sure you have legal representation to protect your legal rights to the fullest extent possible.

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