Common Reasons for Truck Accidents

Common Reasons for Truck Accidents

24 Sep Common Reasons for Truck Accidents

If you were recently in a truck accident in Richmond, Va., you should understand the common causes of such accidents. You will find that there are several reasons a truck driver may have hit your car. Once you understand why collisions of this kind often occur, it’s time to talk to a lawyer.

Driver Fatigue

According to U.S. News & World Report, driving tired is as dangerous as driving drunk. You know this firsthand if you have been in a truck accident in Richmond. Some of the main side effects of driver fatigue include slower reaction times, impaired vision and increased aggression behind the wheel. As FindLaw points out, many major trucking companies encourage drivers to make an unreasonable number of deliveries, which means they might skimp on sleep to meet unrealistic expectations. When you consider this, it’s no wonder fatigued drivers often cause collisions.

Excess Speed

Another common cause of truck accidents in Richmond is speeding. Some truck drivers simply have a habit of speeding when they drive, but others only speed because they feel pressure from their employer to make a lot of deliveries in a short period of time. Of course, speeding is already dangerous, but it’s even worse when truck drivers operate their vehicles in inclement weather, such as rain or snow. According to ScienceDaily, bad weather can double the risk of a truck accident. It’s hard enough to stop a passenger vehicle on a wet or icy road, but it’s even more difficult for a large truck to stop in time. This is why truck drivers need to be especially careful not to speed when the weather is bad.

Poorly Maintained Trucks

Trucks are required to pass certain inspections to be on the road without sacrificing safety. Considering how much trucks weigh, it’s especially important for them to be properly maintained so they do not careen into other cars when they malfunction in some way. Some truck companies try to save time and money by skipping inspections and putting off repairs. According to, this can lead to tire blowouts, faulty brakes or a malfunctioning engine, resulting in dangerous and even deadly truck accidents.

If your car was hit by a truck, you need to hire a lawyer. Regardless of the possible cause of the accident, you deserve the chance to be compensated for any medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering or lost wages that occurred as a result of your truck accident in Richmond.


Common Reasons for Truck Accidents
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