Do I Need a Food Poisoning Attorney in Richmond, Virginia

Do I Need a Food Poisoning Attorney in Richmond, Virginia

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As you probably know, food poisoning is more and more common these days.

Recently, Costco has been plagued with cases where customers are reporting getting sick after eating its chicken salad. Costco is not alone. Cases of food poisoning have made headlines in recent years.  E coli has been found in spinach, hazelnuts, and cookie dough. Botulism has been found in carrot juice. Salmonella has been found in peanut butter, ground pepper, jalapeno peppers, pine nuts, and pistachios. Hepatitis has been found in pomegranate seeds. Listeria has been found in ice cream.

Fortune Magazine recently reported that 48 million people get sick from food poisoning each year. Further, a 2015 study by Robert Scharff, an associate professor at Ohio State University, estimates that the annual cost of lost productivity, medical treatment, and food poisoning mortality is $55.5 billion.

A food manufacturer or distributor makes a warranty that its products will be fit for consumption. If you think that a product you consumed was not fit for human consumption and/or made you ill, you should consider contacting a food poisoning lawyer in Richmond, Virginia to protect your rights and interests.

If you have been sick with food poisoning after consuming a restaurant or manufacturer’s product, contact the experienced attorneys at the Paullin Law Firm to assist you – (804) 423-7423.

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