DWI/DUI Fact or Fiction: Important Considerations

DWI/DUI Fact or Fiction: Important Considerations

Too often people are not well informed about the effects of alcohol on their driving or about the meaning of legal limits. As a guideline, this calculating tool can help you gauge how much you can drink before you should put down your keys and call a cab or designated driver.

Here are some other facts and figures that can help you decide when another drink is one too many to allow you to get behind the wheel.

Myth: If you can walk in a straight line and you feel perfectly sober, you are okay to drive.
Fact: No matter how you feel, if your alcohol content level is above .08%, you should not be on the road.

Myth: Drinking caffeine, taking a shower, and exercising will help you become sober faster.
Fact: The body gets rid of alcohol at the rate of one ounce per hour, no matter what else you do in the meantime.

Myth: You will not get drunk as fast if you are only drinking beer.
Fact: A glass of wine, a bottle of beer, and a shot of liquor have the same alcohol content.

Myth: People who have been ticketed for a DUI/DWI are alcoholics.
Fact: People who are ticketed for DUI/DWI may have simply made a mistake or the equipment used to check their blood alcohol content may have been inaccurate.

Myth: A DUI isn’t that big of a deal. Just pay the fine and move on.
Fact: Even just one DUI can end up costing upwards of $10,000, not to mention a year without a license or even jail time.

At Paullin Law Firm, we’ll be the first to say that getting a ticket for driving under the influence can end up being a very big deal and a very big expense. We also understand, however, that you should not be grouped under the label of “alcoholic” or “reckless” because of one incident. We’ll go over the circumstances of your ticket with you to determine how we can reduce costs and consequences related to your case.

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