Property conversion: Know your rights

Property conversion: Know your rights

Conversion Law

Conversion occurs when one individual asserts a claim (or dominion and control) over the property of another without justification or excuse. If a person retains possession of property after someone else has demanded its return, their refusal to cooperate constitutes conversion of the property in question. Regardless of the converter’s intent to use, damage, or simply withhold the converted property, he has violated the rights of theproperty owner.

Bonding Off Tractor Trailer

The driver of a tractor-trailer, for example, has been granted custody of his or her cargo by a shipper. If the tractor-trailer is towed from the highway, the tower may have a lien on the vehicle for the value of his services. In other words, the tower has a certain right to retain the shipper’s property until the debt for his services is paid. However, some towers refuse to release cargo even when they have no right to do so. If a tower continues to withhold cargo after the rightful owner has demanded its return, he has wrongfully converted the cargo.

Cargo conversion is a form of theft

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