Snowstorm Caused Accidents in Virginia

Snowstorm Caused Accidents in Virginia

If Your car was Damaged by Someone Else, Do not Waive the Diminshed Value.

If your car was wrecked in the recent snowstorm and it was someone else’s fault, do not settle the claim without calling Paullin Law Firm, PC 804-464-3765 to see if you have a claim for the diminished value after your car is repaired.

A car that has been wrecked and repaired is worth less than a car of the same year, in the same condition, with roughly the same mileage. This is why cars hat have ben wrecked and repaired cost less than cars that are never wrecked!!!

Insurance companies do not like to or want to pay for a car’s diminished value, and often they make low offers to settle these claims. Often, Paullin Law Firm, PC can help clients receive fair and just compensation for the diminished value of their car.

Here is how it works – – Insurance companies for people who cause wrecks often pay to repair your car. What they DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR is the amount that your car is now worth, because it was wrecked and repaired!!!!!!

Often, insurance companies only offer $200 to $500 for a car that suffered $3,000 to$5,000 loss in value due to being, wrecked and repaired. This is because insurance companies are experienced in fighting claims and know that most people will not pursue a claim if it becomes drawn out and a hassle.

Paullin Law Firm, PC is experienced in handling claims for clients whose car was damaged by someone else, then repaired. We can help you determine if you have a claim then take steps to get you a reasonable amount.

Contingent fee: No recovery = no fee.

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